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Useful Information

Advertising Advice

  1. Monitor your advertising – ask new customers where they heard about you.
  2. Repeat adverts do work, Repeat adverts do work…. Research has shown that you get better responses from a series of adverts, often the 3rd or 4th time a potential customer sees your ad is the time they respond. So if you have a fixed budget, go for a run of smaller adverts rather than 1 or 2 large ones.
  3. Grab them with the headline! Try and have a heading or prominent key phrase near the top of your advert to make it clear at a glance what you are offering
  4. Appropriate pictures and images help. The human brain is very good (and quick) at recognising images where as time is required to absorb a lot of text.
  5. Don’t write a book. It’s easy to get carried away and write lengthy prose about your products and services but readers can get bored and won’t always bother to read a lengthy description. Try using bullet points, refer to your website or just give enough informations so that potential customers will call you, then you can give all the detail.
  6. Landlines are good. If possible, don’t just have a mobile number in your advert. Having a landline gives an impression of an established and reputable business.
  7. Remember adverts can be to gain sales directly but also for “brand awareness” – getting your business known so that when customers do need your product or service, your brand is the first they think of.
  8. Update or refresh your adverts periodically.
  9. Remember who your target audience is – design the advert and choose where to publish it based on that. Put yourself in your customers shoes.
  10. Persevere, don’t be put off if you run 2 or 3 ads and get little response (see points 2 and 7) and consider timing or seasonal campaigns.


The Deepings Advertiser is delivered to 6500 homes in Market Deeping, Deeping St James, Frognall, Deeping Gate & West Deeping.

Additionally a stack of copies are taken to various local establishments where they can be viewed or collected by people from outside of the delivery area, e.g. pubs, cafes, library, Etc.

The Villages Advertiser covers; Baston, Langtoft, Maxey, Northborough, Peakirk and Glinton, and has a circulation of 3050. Copies are also available at one of the pubs in each of the following Villages: Greatford, Etton, Helpston, Tallington & Milking Nook. We may extend to additional villages in the future. Although the circulation is less than for the Deepings, the standard price is the same as delivery costs are higher. It should also be considered that some of these villages do not get any other similar publications so you get an ‘exclusive market’ for your advert and the average household is likely to have greater disposable income.

The Deepings Advertiser is published 4 times a month (weeks 1,2,3 & 4), the Villages Advertiser twice a month (weeks 1 & 3), each issue is dated Friday and delivered Thursday/Friday. Click here for a short video explaining the publishing schedule. PLEASE NOTE, WHEN THERE ARE 5 FRIDAYS IN A MONTH, THERE IS NO REGULAR ISSUE PUBLISHED FOR WEEK 5.

The Deepings Advertiser is typically 10 to 12 pages and the Villages 6 to 8 pages so unlike some of our competitors (who have 20 + pages) your advert will not ‘get lost’ in amongst hundreds of others. Because the publications are small, feedback from surveys suggests that most people do take the trouble to read right through them, most households keep all publications for a few days (until the whole household has had a chance to read through it) before binning / recycling them, so a monthly publication does not necessarily have a longer ‘lifespan’ than a weekly.

Whatever your advertising needs, it is our intention to provide a solution for you that brings results, that way we hope that you will use us again and again as well as recommending us to your friends and associates.